The secret of rapeseed oil is revealed, what is a good oil, how to choose rapeseed oil?

rapeseed oil press machine

Rapeseed oil is one of the most popular edible oils on the market, so if you want to open a rapeseed oil mill, you first need to have a certain understanding of rapeseed oil. Do you know how to choose rapeseed oil? Next, Benteng Machinery will introduce to you the process of pressing rapeseed oil, as well as its efficacy, advantages, preservation methods, etc.

Ⅰ. Oil extraction process of rapeseed oil

1. Extrusion process

The pressing process is the process we usually use to extract rapeseed oil. Can retain the original nutrients and natural flavor of rapeseed. Generally, using our 6YL-100 rapeseed oil press machine can effectively improve the oil yield of rapeseed and the quality of rapeseed oil.

2. Leach type process

Through high-temperature extraction and chemical treatment, you can get extracted rapeseed oil, but it is not as good as pressed rapeseed oil in terms of nutrition and taste. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to choose this method to extract rapeseed oil.

Ⅱ. Efficacy of rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is golden in color, sweet, pungent and warm in nature. The human body has a high absorption rate of rapeseed oil, up to 99%, so the unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and vitamin E and other nutrients it contains can be well absorbed by the body. Rapeseed oil is suitable for most people, especially people with high cholesterol can also eat it with confidence, because rapeseed oil contains little or almost no cholesterol. Moreover, rapeseed oil has a high content of Omega 3, which is also of great benefit to the human body. But still pay attention to the applicable amount, which should not exceed 30 grams per day.

Ⅲ. Advantages of rapeseed oil

1. The linoleic acid contained in rapeseed oil has the effect of softening blood vessels and delaying aging.

2. Since rapeseed is the seed of a plant, rapeseed oil contains a certain amount of seed phospholipids, which are very important for the development of blood vessels, nerves, and brain.

3. Rapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E, and vitamin E can increase the influence of local retinal cells, increase the cell nutrition of the ocular surface mucosa, soften blood vessels and avoid clinical manifestations such as fundus hemorrhage and subconjunctival hemorrhage.

4. For people with poor liver and gallbladder, eating rapeseed oil can promote the liver to secrete bile, achieving the effect of clearing the liver and benefiting the gallbladder. In ancient times, people often used rapeseed oil externally to treat some diseases, such as rheumatism and eczema. Chinese medicine believes that rapeseed oil can play a role in dispersing fire and reducing swelling

Ⅳ. How to choose rapeseed oil?

Choose rapeseed oil from the following four aspects:

1. Color

Pure rapeseed oil is dark yellow or brown, while inferior rapeseed oil is brownish red, tan or brown.

2. Smell

Good-quality rapeseed oil has the aroma of rapeseed, but poor-quality oil has a very light taste, and may even smell musty, burnt, and licorice.

3. Transparency

High-quality rapeseed oil is clear and transparent, while low-quality rapeseed oil will have suspended solids or even turbid liquid.

4. Taste

Put a little rapeseed oil on the tip of your tongue, and there is no peculiar smell except the spicy taste, which means it is pure rapeseed oil. If the taste is flat, or even sour, burnt, or bitter, the quality of such rapeseed oil is not good.

5. Frozen Identification

Put a little rapeseed oil in the freezer of the refrigerator and take it out after 6 hours. If it is still in a liquid state, it means that it is pure rapeseed oil. If it is frozen into ice, it means that add palm oil or other ingredients to the rapeseed oil.

Ⅴ. Preservation method of rapeseed oil

The shelf life of rapeseed oil can reach 18 months under the condition of below 25 ℃, dry, cool and dark. However, some components in rapeseed oil will react after contact with microorganisms in the air, so eat it as soon as possible after opening.

1. Away from the stove

Many people are used to keeping canola oil next to the stove for easy cooking. Generally speaking, for every 10 degrees increase in temperature, the oxidation reaction rate of rapeseed oil will double, so keep it away from the stove.

2 Avoid Metal Containers

Many households like to put large barrels of oil into metal cans, but metal ions will promote the decomposition of hydroperoxides and accelerate the activation of oxygen into singlet oxygen and free radicals. Therefore, it is recommended to choose brown glass bottles, which are easier to store in shade.

3.  Hypoxia

The larger the contact surface with the air and the longer the contact time, the more the rapeseed oil will accelerate oxidation and cause rancidity. Therefore, the oil drum cover should be closed in time after each oil use.

4. Dark

In the light, rapeseed oil will accelerate oxidative rancidity. Under the action of ultraviolet rays, ozone compounds will also be formed, producing unpleasant smells, so plastic oil drums should also be stored away from light. In addition, the mixing of water will also accelerate the hydrolysis and oxidative rancidity of rapeseed oil, and the cleaned oil storage container should be dried before use.

The above are some knowledge points about rapeseed oil. If you want to build a rapeseed oil mill, please contact me. I will offer you suitable machine and the best price.



1000KG/D Oil Refinery Machine With Deodorization

1.  The 1000kg/d oil refinery machine heating power is 27kw, voltage is 380V, and it can refine all kinds of crude oil by screw oil press extracted. 2. It is made of food grade stainless steel and polished. 3. Simple design to improve customer satisfaction. 4. The operation data are all displayed by the instrument, which is simple and reliable. 5. The edible crude oil can be dephosphorized, degumming, deacidification, decolorization, dehydrated and deodorization.

100kg/h Air Pressure Oil Filter Machine

1. Air pressure oil filter capacity: 100kg/h, power: 2.2Kw, voltage is 380V. 2. Makes use of positive pressure for maximized filtering efficiency. 3. Easy and convenient to clean, no oil slags and blockage. 4. The oil by air pressure filter is clear and pure. 5. Suitable for various crude oils extracted by screw oil press machine. 6. Also superior to filter oils with solid impurities.

150 Pellet Feed Making Machine

1. Feed pellet making machine, capacity is 120kg/h,  power is 3kw. It can process process various grain material animal feed pellets. 2. It is convenient to replace new accessories to save time in producing pellets, and the cost of spare parts (rollers and molds) is low. 3. The structure is simple and easy to operate, requiring only 1 or 2 workers. 4. This type of granulator is easier to clean and maintain than other granulators. 5. Small in size and light in weight, it can be used in households, small farms, and light industry.

150KG/H Centrifugal Oil Filter Machine

1. Centrifugal oil filter machine capacity: 150-200kg/h, power: 4Kw, Voltage: 380V 2. Eliminates troubles of filtering cloth cleaning and changing since this type of oil filter is no filtering cloth 3. Easy to operate and control, Can fully achieve the separation of oils and residues 4. Highly efficient centrifugal oil filtering equipment suitable for a great deal of crude oils, including rapeseed oil, cotton seed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, flax seed oil, sunflower seed oil, corn germ oil, palm kernel oil, etc. 5. The type of centrifugal oil filter is perfect to match with various screw oil press machines.

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