BTMA-What’s wrong with the oil press not feeding

oil press machine

The oil press is a mechanical equipment with a high market share at present. For the oil press, the correct operation is very important to the oil yield and use effect. It is very important for the oil press to achieve zero-fault operation during use, and some users may not be able to discharge the material during the use of the oil press. How to solve this situation?

What to do if the oil press does not feed the reasons and solutions:

1. If the oil has too much moisture, it should be sun-dried or fried.

2. The machine does not run-in well, the front is astringent and the back is polished. Use emery cloth to polish the squeezing screw shaft. The new machine needs to run-in more.

3. The snails of the oil press are worn out and the polygons of the snails are damaged. The snails should be replaced.

4. The blanking spin is severely worn and deformed.

5. The tee or gear box sleeve under the hopper is severely worn.

6. The squeezing oil line is narrow or blocked, and the oil line needs to be cleaned.

7. The temperature of the machine is too high. After each pot is processed, use cold cakes and then return to the machine.

8.Excessive roasting of raw materials to reduce the degree of roasting.

When there is a problem with the oil press, it is necessary to find the cause and solve it in time. In this way, the high oil output rate of the equipment can be determined.