BTMA-How to make the oil press equipment squeeze the first-class oil

oil press machine

The standard of edible oil is divided into several grades. Grade 1 oil is a good edible oil. How to make the oil press equipment squeeze the first-class oil is a problem that many oil mills are very concerned about. Only good oil can withstand the test of the market. The oil press equipment is freshly pressed and sold and the entire production process can be seen with your own eyes. Today, Benteng Machinery will explain to you the method of squeezing first-class oil from the oil press equipment.

If you want the machine to be able to squeeze the best oil without adjustment anytime and anywhere, one is to choose a good oil press equipment. There are many oil press equipment. The effect is the key theory of the decision. First, we must carefully investigate Compare the effectiveness of the machine and shop around, so I will investigate it on the spot. Carefully compare the efficacy, output and other factors of each model. When buying a machine, check to see if there are fewer parts, whether the design of the machine is reasonable, whether the material is good, and whether the motor is produced by a major factory.

Secondly, the process of frying also directly affects the quality and yield of oil. There is a saying of “three-point squeezing, seven-point frying”, which shows the importance of frying in the process of oil extraction. Generally, the closed type is selected. The effect of the seed frying machine is better than that of the drum-type seed frying machine. Therefore, the color of the squeezed oil is clear.

The correct operation method and operation method also directly affect the oil output.

Every step of the oil press equipment is essential to squeeze the first-class oil.