BTMA-What problems need to be faced when opening oil mills

oil mill

It is necessary for many novices to understand clearly what problems need to be faced when opening an oil mill. Only by knowing oneself and the enemy can the oil mill be profitable. Many novices blindly buy an oil press to open an oil mill when they see that other people’s business is booming. In fact, this is often without adequate preparations, so it is difficult to make money. So what are the problems that open oil mills need to face?

1. How much area is needed to open an oil mill?

It does not require much area to open an oil mill. Generally, the oil press covers an area of more than two square meters, plus the seed-frying pot is more than three square meters. A large oil press is enough for three square meters. If you include the space for raw materials and oil cans, renting a house of 20-45 square meters is completely sufficient. If you talk about your own house and don’t consider the issue of rent at all, one house is enough.

2. What certificate do I need to apply for opening an oil mill?

If it mainly sells oil, it is a business license and a sanitation license. If it is mainly for external processing, there is no need to apply for any certificate.

3. How to promote the oil mill in the early stage?

The early-stage publicity of the oil mill is very important. In the early stage, leaflets and preferential policies can be distributed through various channels. Just start squeezing oil, and the fragrance of oil will automatically attract customers. Customers are relatively concentrated and fixed, such as restaurants, corporate canteens, and residential areas. As long as your oil is good, as long as it is approved, the cooking oil you provide will be used for a long time, and this business will be long-term.

4. What type of oil press does the oil mill choose?

To open an oil mill, you must choose a multi-function oil press, one machine for multiple purposes, can squeeze peanuts, rapeseed, oil sunflower, soybeans, cottonseed and other raw materials. Because the business model of open oil mill is not fixed, it is necessary to examine the needs of various customers. The oil presses with the most users are the 100-type oil press, the 95-type oil press, and the 130-type oil press.

5. What kind of operating methods do you open oil mill have?

The main business model of open oil mill is to press and sell oil and process with supplied materials. In cities and areas with relatively few raw materials, the oil is mainly pressed and sold, and the profit of oil pressing and selling is very considerable. If it is a raw material producing area, it is mainly raw material processing. The two can also be combined, either processing supplied materials or squeezing oil and selling oil, operating in multiple directions.