How to replace the accessories of the oil press?

accessories of the oil press

During the operation of the oil press, sometimes the vulnerable parts of the oil press will be damaged due to improper operation or long-term use. In this case, the accessories of the oil press need to be replaced. So which parts need to be replaced frequently? How to replace these accessories of the oil press? Next, Benteng Machinery will introduce some precautions for oil press parts replacement.

Ⅰ. How to replace the squeeze screw?

1. How to disassemble the snail?

Immediately after stopping the machine, move the handle, pull out the press shaft from the press chamber, remove the protective cap, hexagonal nut, round nut and adjusting bolt, insert an iron rod with a diameter of 16 into the hole of the lock nut and rotate clockwise (remember to The threads matched with the shaft core are all left-handed), after removing the locking nut, each section of the pressing screw can be removed. If the squeezed snail (with fine slag in the inner hole) is not easy to disassemble due to blockage, you can put a wooden board on the ground, and two people can lightly bump the squeezed snail a few times to remove it. If it still cannot be removed, use wood fire to heat it up. remove.

2. Installation of screw press.

Stand up the squeeze snails with their thin ends upward, install the retaining rings, install the squeeze snails on the shaft in sequence from No. 1, and then press them tightly with lock nuts to prevent the oil residue from penetrating into the squeeze screw holes and affecting the performance of the squeeze snails. Disassemble. (Adjust the nut so that the two ends of the adjustment bolt are 8309 bearings. When installing, the large hole surfaces of the two bearings are all against the two ends of the adjustment bolt. After the squeeze screw is assembled as a whole, use two (M42×62) nuts to tighten the back. Pay attention to the gap between the two 8309 bearings. Turn the adjusting bolt by hand until you feel that the rotation is flexible.

Ⅱ. How to install and disassemble the main parts?

1. How to disassemble the squeeze cage (including fine ribs and strip rib rings)?

Rotate the screw shaft to pull the screw out from the chamber. Then insert an iron rod with a diameter of 24 mm into the hole of the compression nut at the end of the cake, and rotate the nut counterclockwise to loosen it. Loosen the 4 M16 connecting screws at both ends of the upper press cage, remove the 10 M16 bolts connecting the upper and lower press cages, and remove the upper press cage to take out the round row ring.

2. How to disassemble the row?

To remove the ribs ring, use one end of the iron rod to touch a row from the side, and tap the other end with your hand to knock out one row, and the rest will automatically loosen.

3. Assembly method of strips.

Stand up the strips in a circle, bring them out of the oil tank and face down (it is recommended to put a wooden board below), and arrange the strips neatly one by one on the inner wall. The end with the deep oil groove faces down, and the deep oil grooves of the two rows cannot be placed together. The last row is driven in with a metal rod. If the row is loose, an iron sheet can be added between the rows. Make the row Clings to the inner wall. Until there is no protrusion in the inner wall of the hand mold.

4. How to install the squeeze cage?

Put the row circles from the oil outlet to the frame, and then put them into the round row according to the sequence number of the circle. Then use the compression screw to buckle up the garden row at least a few times. Then install the squeeze cage (the upper and lower squeeze cages are made in pairs. If you need to replace it, you need to replace the top and bottom together). Use the removed bolts to tighten them alternately one by one.

In short, every customer must learn how to replace the accessories of the oil press before opening an oil press plant. As long as you are familiar with the structure of the oil press, there is no problem when replacing the accessories of the oil press. Therefore, before the oil press, you must have a clear understanding of all aspects of the oil press.



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