Extracting the Most Nutritious Oils with an 6YL-68 Oil Press Machine.

The 6YL-68 oil press machine is a small oil press machine, which is suitable for family oil workshops and those who want to try oil extraction business for the first time. The machine cost is low and the return is high. It will bring you a small amount of extra income. Moreover, although the machine is small, it has many functions. It can also squeeze a variety of raw materials, such as sunflower seeds, rapeseed, peanuts, soybeans, etc. Next, we will introduce to you the situation of sunflower seed 6YL-68 oil press machine in Tanzania oil press market.

Ⅰ. The working principle of 6YL-68 oil press machine

When the small oil press is running, the processed raw material is brought into the hopper, and the oil material enters the frying chamber from the hopper. The helix with the squeezing snail is pushed inward to squeeze and squeeze out the oil.

Ⅱ. The technological process of pressing sunflower oil

1. Screening oil seeds

The first step is to remove the impurities in the sunflower seeds. If the impurities are not removed, the machine may be damaged by these impurities, and the oil produced will not be clear and transparent. This will affect your sales, which will affect your income. You can use cleaning equipment such as a vibrating screen to remove impurities, or manually remove impurities, choose a method according to your own situation.

2. Frying sunflower seeds

Roasting sunflower seeds is the most important step before pressing. The moisture content of the oil is controlled at 3%-5%, and the temperature of frying seeds is 110°C-130°C. Because fried seeds can adjust the temperature, humidity and internal structure of sunflower seeds, so that the sunflower seeds can reach the best crushing conditions, and then improve the oil yield and production efficiency of sunflower seeds.

3. Squeezing sunflower seeds

After frying the seeds, you can use the screw oil press to press directly. If you want to speed up the oil output and improve the oil output efficiency, you can press the oil cake a second time, which can not only run in the new machine, but also improve the oil output rate.

4. Filtering sunflowerseeds oil

After pressing, the sunflower oil is filtered with a plate and frame oil filter. After filtering, the sunflower oil is clear and translucent, and can be eaten directly or bottled for sale.

Ⅲ. Development prospect of sunflower oil sales

Sunflower oil has rich nutritional value and is a very good kind of healthy oil. Sunflower oil has become the oil of choice for consumers and chefs, and is the third most consumed vegetable oil worldwide. Today, sunflower oil is also very popular in the oil market in Tanzania, so it is a wise choice to open a sunflower oil mill in Tanzania. You can use it yourself or sell it, and you will get a lot of money.

The 6YL-68 oil press machine and the 6LB-250 oil filter are a simple combination, and it is also the choice of many people to open oil workshops. There will be more discounts when purchasing two machines in combination. The above is the introduction of Tanzania 68 oil mill. If you have any needs about oil mill, please contact me.

1000kg/d oil refine machine with deodorization

Edible Oil Refining is a general term for the removal of solid impurities, free fatty acids, phospholipid, colloid, wax, pigment and odors in vegetable oils. The presence of impurities contained in crude oils not only affects the use value, the safety storage of crude oil, but also cause difficulties for the deep processing crude oils. Edible oil refining is not only removes all the impurities out from the crude oils, but also refines harmful impurities, such as, gossypol, protein, lecithin, mucus, water and more. In this way, the edible oils can have better storage, industrial applications and cooking purpose. However, some beneficial substances, such as tocopherol, sterol and more, will be maintained. That is why edible oil needs oil refining process.

250 oil filter

Oil filters are designed specially to fit medium and Small sized spiral type oil press.The machine is particularly being used as a oil purifier in the oil pressing plants for filtering edible or vegetable oils.

350 oil filter

Oil filters are designed specially to fit medium and Small sized spiral type oil press.The machine is particularly being used as a oil purifier in the oil pressing plants for filtering edible or vegetable oils.

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