Unlock a world of possibilities with our innovative 6YL-100A oil press machines.

Oil presses are well known things. The 6YL-100A oil press machines can extract oil components according to different components. It also has a high oil yield. It is a widely used device and is considered to be one of the most advanced. It can be customized to meet each individual’s individual needs.

1. In terms of machine material: the whole machine is made of imported high-quality stainless steel material, which is durable and exquisite in workmanship.

2. Automatic temperature control part.

① Adopt intelligent digital display thermostat, which is practical, convenient and easy to use.
②Adopt automatic temperature control technology to avoid overheating and residue. This reduces the amount of fumes from work.
③Temperature control partition method is adopted to effectively separate inferior products.
④ With over-temperature protection function, it is safe to use.

3. Oil filtering part. Adopt oil-water mixing technology to automatically filter residue. This extends oil change intervals and reduces fuel consumption.

4. Save energy and energy consumption. 40% less electricity for the same output. Calculated by using only 6 kilowatt-hours of electricity per hour, an average of 30 yuan per day can be saved in electricity bills.

5. Save labor. The same output can save 60% of the labor force, one or two people can manage the production, and the daily labor results can be reduced by about 40 US dollars.

6. The oil yield of the automatic oil press machine is higher than that of the old equipment, and the oil yield is generally 2-3 percentage points higher. On average, 2-6 catties of peanuts can be squeezed per 100 kg. There are many advantages.

7. The automatic oil press machine has a wide range of uses – one machine is multi-purpose, it can press flax, peanut, sesame, sesame oil, rapeseed oil.

These seven features set the 6YL-100A oil press machines apart. It has many advantages. It is efficient and fast. The function of the oil press has been improved with the advancement of technology. This makes it able to cater to everyone’s needs. We can help you with any oil extraction problems. apart. It has many advantages. It is efficient and fast. The function of the oil press has been improved with the advancement of technology. This makes it able to cater to everyone’s needs. We can help you with any oil extraction problems.



1000KG/D Oil Refinery Machine With Deodorization

1.  The 1000kg/d oil refinery machine heating power is 27kw, voltage is 380V, and it can refine all kinds of crude oil by screw oil press extracted. 2. It is made of food grade stainless steel and polished. 3. Simple design to improve customer satisfaction. 4. The operation data are all displayed by the instrument, which is simple and reliable. 5. The edible crude oil can be dephosphorized, degumming, deacidification, decolorization, dehydrated and deodorization.

100kg/h Air Pressure Oil Filter Machine

1. Air pressure oil filter capacity: 100kg/h, power: 2.2Kw, voltage is 380V. 2. Makes use of positive pressure for maximized filtering efficiency. 3. Easy and convenient to clean, no oil slags and blockage. 4. The oil by air pressure filter is clear and pure. 5. Suitable for various crude oils extracted by screw oil press machine. 6. Also superior to filter oils with solid impurities.

150 Pellet Feed Making Machine

1. Feed pellet making machine, capacity is 120kg/h,  power is 3kw. It can process process various grain material animal feed pellets. 2. It is convenient to replace new accessories to save time in producing pellets, and the cost of spare parts (rollers and molds) is low. 3. The structure is simple and easy to operate, requiring only 1 or 2 workers. 4. This type of granulator is easier to clean and maintain than other granulators. 5. Small in size and light in weight, it can be used in households, small farms, and light industry.

150KG/H Centrifugal Oil Filter Machine

1. Centrifugal oil filter machine capacity: 150-200kg/h, power: 4Kw, Voltage: 380V 2. Eliminates troubles of filtering cloth cleaning and changing since this type of oil filter is no filtering cloth 3. Easy to operate and control, Can fully achieve the separation of oils and residues 4. Highly efficient centrifugal oil filtering equipment suitable for a great deal of crude oils, including rapeseed oil, cotton seed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, flax seed oil, sunflower seed oil, corn germ oil, palm kernel oil, etc. 5. The type of centrifugal oil filter is perfect to match with various screw oil press machines.

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