The Future of Cooking Oils: An Introduction to Commercial Oil Press Machine.

Commercial oil press may be used for multi -plant oils consisting of mustard, cottonseed, soybean, peanuts, tung seeds, oil sunflower, sunflower seeds and other oil seeds. Business Oil Press Machine integrates an automatic temperature manipulation system. The system can adjust the appropriate temperature to achieve different raw materials, clean functions, and simplify the complexity of fried seeds. Next, Benteng Machinery will introduce the features of  commercial oil press machine.

On this foundation, our company released the hot and cold twin -use multi -useful industrial oil press machine. The machine has the function of processing a diffusion of uncooked materials. At the equal time, the machine is geared up with infrared heating, micro -energy control and excellent filter device. Squeezing oil, the raw components are immediately poured into the machine and squeezed it out. It’s miles filtered with properly -filtered oil. It could be fed on at once. The system is the first to apply 220 luo molybdenum carbon metal, that is stronger than ordinary producers’ carbon metal machines. Life is long, clean to repair, smooth to perform, sturdy in reaction, and high oil output.

Industrial oil press is a multifunctional spiral pre -squeezing system composed of squeezing, feeding device, spiral leader, school cake mechanism, gear box and motor. The traits of the spiral pre-squeezing device are that the hengli tielong works simultaneously, the squeezing is axial phase, and the shell is fixed with the center factor of the single bolt of the tail tail bolt. Heat shape cooling.
Industrial oil pressing gadget spirals are segmented structures. A maze -type sealing pads are used between the spiral and the band, which is ready at the facet of the spiral. This gadget has a novel design, affordable shape, and a characteristic of computerized guide faculty desserts. It can not stop the hole of the bore to clean up and replace the lack of harm. The processing quantity is large, the power intake is small, the land is small, and the price is low.

Industrial oil pressing machines are specially managed with the aid of automated electric control, infrared heating, vacuum filtration, and the host uses materials. Its processing and production improves the oil output fee and the performance reaches the home level. For all customers who buy a multi -practical oil press, all free set up education, supply elements all year spherical, lifelong preservation, welcome new and antique clients. Multi -practical commercial oil -stuffed oil press is suitable for units and small oil factories, however additionally for individuals to squeeze existing sale and outside processing.

Our company mainly produces commercial oil press machine, its series of products, and a complete oil production line. We recommend different machines according to the specific needs of customers. Different raw materials, different outputs require different types of oil press. We will provide you with exclusive customized services and intimate after -sales service.

You are welcome to get in touch with us and tell us your requirement on oil mill!

1000kg/d oil refine machine with deodorization

Edible Oil Refining is a general term for the removal of solid impurities, free fatty acids, phospholipid, colloid, wax, pigment and odors in vegetable oils. The presence of impurities contained in crude oils not only affects the use value, the safety storage of crude oil, but also cause difficulties for the deep processing crude oils. Edible oil refining is not only removes all the impurities out from the crude oils, but also refines harmful impurities, such as, gossypol, protein, lecithin, mucus, water and more. In this way, the edible oils can have better storage, industrial applications and cooking purpose. However, some beneficial substances, such as tocopherol, sterol and more, will be maintained. That is why edible oil needs oil refining process.

250 oil filter

Oil filters are designed specially to fit medium and Small sized spiral type oil press.The machine is particularly being used as a oil purifier in the oil pressing plants for filtering edible or vegetable oils.

350 oil filter

Oil filters are designed specially to fit medium and Small sized spiral type oil press.The machine is particularly being used as a oil purifier in the oil pressing plants for filtering edible or vegetable oils.

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