What is included in the soybean oil refining process?

soybean oil press production line

Soybean oil, as one of the three major vegetable oils in the world, has always been very popular in the oil market. There are generally two types, pressed soybean oil and refined soybean oil. Pressed soybean oil is made by physically pressing fried soybeans through a screw press, and refined soybean oil is made by refining soybean oil after pressing. Pressed soybean oil maintains the original taste of soybean oil and is greener and healthier. Refined soybean oil better preserves the nutrients in soybeans and is more beneficial to the human body. Refined soybean oil is easier to preserve and less likely to deteriorate. Therefore, more and more people choose refined soybean oil now. So, how is soybean oil refined? What is the process of refining soybean oil? Many people will have these questions. Next, Benteng Machinery will introduce the soybean oil refining process for you in detail.

The refining process of soybean oil.

1.The selection of main equipment depends on the characteristics of soybean oil refining. The first thing to note is that the centrifuge is self-cleaning, guaranteeing separation. The mixers are blade mixers and static mixers. The mixing power of the blade mixer is converted to hydratable phospholipids. Then add hot water and beat with an electric mixer. Phospholipids are well-hydrated, creating suitable conditions for centrifugation. The oil mixed together can have sufficient time, space and energy to react in the reactor, forming an ideal flocculation angle and making the centrifugal separation effect obvious.

2.The degummed oil is then continuously absorbed into a desolventization tower for further solvent removal. Solvent towers are made of thin film. It works by carrying spilled oil to the packing. Grease runs down the corrugated packing in a thin layer. It is connected with the bottom dry steam for gas-liquid contact and mass transfer.

3.Under vacuum conditions, the residual solvent in the oil is evaporated and discharged, and the exhaust gas enters the gas phase discharge device. After being treated by the device, the residual solvent leached out of soybean oil is basically pollution-free. Since the oil contained in the device is stripped in the form of a thin film, the desolventization effect is excellent, and the desolventization time is 2-5 minutes. The quality of soybean oil is guaranteed. Continuous degumming, desolventizing, and continuous degumming technologies ensure the high-quality refining of soybean oil.

The above is the process of soybean oil refining. If you are more interested in other matters related to soybean oil, such as: How is soybean oil made? What machines are needed to press soybean oil? What can soybean cake be used for? And other issues. You can read related articles about soybeans on our website. And Benteng Machinery Company mainly produce soybean extruder, soybean oil press machine, oil filter, soybean oil refining machine, ect. You are welcome to get in touch with us and tell us your requirement on soybean oil mill.

1000kg/d oil refine machine with deodorization

Edible Oil Refining is a general term for the removal of solid impurities, free fatty acids, phospholipid, colloid, wax, pigment and odors in vegetable oils. The presence of impurities contained in crude oils not only affects the use value, the safety storage of crude oil, but also cause difficulties for the deep processing crude oils. Edible oil refining is not only removes all the impurities out from the crude oils, but also refines harmful impurities, such as, gossypol, protein, lecithin, mucus, water and more. In this way, the edible oils can have better storage, industrial applications and cooking purpose. However, some beneficial substances, such as tocopherol, sterol and more, will be maintained. That is why edible oil needs oil refining process.

250 oil filter

Oil filters are designed specially to fit medium and Small sized spiral type oil press.The machine is particularly being used as a oil purifier in the oil pressing plants for filtering edible or vegetable oils.

350 oil filter

Oil filters are designed specially to fit medium and Small sized spiral type oil press.The machine is particularly being used as a oil purifier in the oil pressing plants for filtering edible or vegetable oils.

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