Unlocking Profit: The Road to Success with the 6YL-130 Combined Oil Press Machine for Extracting Peanut Oil.

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In the realm of entrepreneurial endeavors, venturing into the world of extracting peanut oil stands out as a promising avenue for profit. Imagine the aroma of freshly pressed peanut oil permeating the air, drawing customers to your establishment. The key to turning this vision into reality lies in the strategic use of a 6YL-130 combined oil press machine, a powerhouse designed to maximize oil yield and streamline the oil pressing process.

1. Maximizing Oil Yield: The Heart of Profitability.

Please write an article about how to make a profit by using a 6YL-130 combined oil press machine to open a peanut oil pressing shop and the oil yield rate of peanuts.

The 6YL-130 combined oil press machine is a marvel of engineering, specifically crafted for efficiency and high oil yield. Its capacity to press more than 30 kinds of oil seeds, including the versatile peanut, positions it as a valuable asset in your quest for profitability. With a robust power of 22kW, this machine ensures a substantial output, making it suitable for medium and small-scale oil mills.

2. Navigating the Peanut Oil Extraction Process.

Opening a peanut oil pressing shop requires a keen understanding of the oil extraction process. The 6YL-130 combined oil press machine simplifies this journey. From peanut seeds to liquid gold, the machine’s advanced mechanisms and user-friendly interface make the extraction process straightforward. With a capacity ranging from 500 to 700 kg/h, it ensures a steady production flow, catering to the demands of your growing customer base.

3. The Financial Landscape: Profit in Every Press.

The profitability of your venture hinges on the oil yield rate of peanuts, and the 6YL-130 combined oil press machine excels in this aspect. Boasting a high oil yield, it ensures that every peanut contributes to the profitability of your oil pressing shop. The versatility of the machine allows you to cater to diverse market demands, extracting oil with precision and preserving the natural flavors and nutritional value that discerning customers seek.

4. Embrace Success with the 6YL-130 Combined Oil Press Machine.

As you embark on this journey, the 6YL-130 combined oil press machine becomes your ally in unlocking profit in the peanut oil extraction business. From the first press to the flourishing success of your shop, this machine is designed to elevate your venture. Harness the potential of peanuts, embrace efficiency, and savor the taste of success with the 6YL-130 combined oil press machine – your gateway to a profitable extracting peanut oil shop.



1000KG/D Oil Refinery Machine With Deodorization

1.  The 1000kg/d oil refinery machine heating power is 27kw, voltage is 380V, and it can refine all kinds of crude oil by screw oil press extracted. 2. It is made of food grade stainless steel and polished. 3. Simple design to improve customer satisfaction. 4. The operation data are all displayed by the instrument, which is simple and reliable. 5. The edible crude oil can be dephosphorized, degumming, deacidification, decolorization, dehydrated and deodorization.

100kg/h Air Pressure Oil Filter Machine

1. Air pressure oil filter capacity: 100kg/h, power: 2.2Kw, voltage is 380V. 2. Makes use of positive pressure for maximized filtering efficiency. 3. Easy and convenient to clean, no oil slags and blockage. 4. The oil by air pressure filter is clear and pure. 5. Suitable for various crude oils extracted by screw oil press machine. 6. Also superior to filter oils with solid impurities.

150KG/H Centrifugal Oil Filter Machine

1. Centrifugal oil filter machine capacity: 150-200kg/h, power: 4Kw, Voltage: 380V 2. Eliminates troubles of filtering cloth cleaning and changing since this type of oil filter is no filtering cloth 3. Easy to operate and control, Can fully achieve the separation of oils and residues 4. Highly efficient centrifugal oil filtering equipment suitable for a great deal of crude oils, including rapeseed oil, cotton seed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, flax seed oil, sunflower seed oil, corn germ oil, palm kernel oil, etc. 5. The type of centrifugal oil filter is perfect to match with various screw oil press machines.

15T/H Palm Fruit Oil Press Machine

1. This is 15t/h palm fruit oil press machine, power is 33kw, voltage is 380V. 2. Compact and strong structure, and easy operation. 3. The automatic control system which can adjust barrel pressure. 4. Low crushing efficiency for palm nut. 5. High oil efficiency, less residual oil in the cake.

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