The Benefits of Using 6YL-95 Peanut Oil Press Machine for Your Business.

peanut complete oil press production line

Because peanut oil is not easy to oxidize at high temperature, cooking food with peanut oil can increase the flavor of food. Most people think that cooking with peanut oil is very fragrant, so they will use peanut oil as the main cooking oil. Therefore, in areas such as Zimbabwe, it is a good choice to open a small peanut oil mill. This will greatly increase your profit, so it is very important to choose a good peanut oil press. Below, Benteng Machinery will introduce our advanced model — 6YL-95 peanut oil press, and the peanut oil pressing process in detail.

1. Benefits of Peanut Oil

The zinc content in peanut oil exceeds that of salad oil, rapeseed corn oil and soybean oil. Regular intake of peanut oil helps to delay the aging process of the skin, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces thrombosis, and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis. The choline in peanut oil may help improve the brain’s memory and slow the decline of brain function.

2. BTMA–6YL-95 Peanut Oil Press

(1) Working principle

When the 6YL-95 peanut oil press machine is running, the processed materials enter the press chamber from the hopper. Under the rotation of the pressing screw shaft, the material embryo is continuously pushed inward to press out the oil.

(2) Advantages of 6YL-95 Peanut Oil Press

① The oil yield is high, but the cake oil content is low: the remaining cake oil is less than 6.5%. The thickness of the cake can be adjusted after the machine stops running;

② Small footprint: 10-20m2 space is enough.

③ High purity: The surface of the machine is chrome-plated stainless steel, which meets the food hygiene standards.

④ Easy to operate. Follow the instructions.

⑤Multifunctional: for pressing soybean, sunflower seeds, peanuts, rapeseeds, camellia seeds, cotton seeds, hemp seeds, coconut (copra), palm kernel and all oilseeds .

⑥ Convenience and safety: Simple structure, small footprint, fully enclosed protection, convenient and safe operation.

3. Peanut oil pressing process

(1) Peanut oil extraction process

① Fried seeds (peanuts)

The shelled peanuts are fried for seeds. Stir-fry until the inside of the peanut kernels reaches a light color, and when the temperature reaches 110-130 degrees, it can be taken out of the pot and proceed to the next step.

②Squeeze peanuts

Adjusted the peanut oil press temperature to 100-130 degrees, and then put raw materials into the hopper to start pressing. When pressing, observe the state of the oil cake. The normal oil cake is in the shape of tiles. One side by the screw shaft is smooth, and the other side has many hair lines. As long as you master the cake output of the machine, you can improve the oil output rate very well.

③Filtering peanut oil

Crude oil after pressing can directly enter the oil filter for filtration. The filtered peanut oil can be directly used or sold.

④ Refined peanut oil

A complete set of peanut refining equipment is expensive and requires space. If you need to know about peanut oil refining, you can read this article. (What is the process flow of peanut oil refined?)

Therefore, a complete set of basic peanut oil pressing equipment is generally based on peanut sheller (optional), roaster machine, peanut oil press, and oil filter.

(2) How to improve the peanut oil yield?

① Control the moisture content of the embryo.

Due to the high oil content of peanuts, after frying, the pressing pressure is high, so the moisture content of peanuts should be reduced.

② Control the temperature during pressing.

When cold pressing, the machine temperature is 60-90 degrees. When hot pressing, the machine temperature is 100-130 degrees.

③ Control the speed of the worm.

The hot pressing speed is 36-38r/min. The cold pressing speed is 85-120r/min.

④Adjust the oil outlet clearance of the pressure rod.

If it is a raw material with high oil content, the clearance of the oil outlet should be larger. Such as peanuts, soybeans, etc., the general gap is selected as 0.07-1.00mm.

The above are related matters about peanut oil extraction. If you want to start your peanut oil extraction business, but you don’t know much about it, please contact me and I will introduce it you in detail.

1000kg/d oil refine machine with deodorization

Edible Oil Refining is a general term for the removal of solid impurities, free fatty acids, phospholipid, colloid, wax, pigment and odors in vegetable oils. The presence of impurities contained in crude oils not only affects the use value, the safety storage of crude oil, but also cause difficulties for the deep processing crude oils. Edible oil refining is not only removes all the impurities out from the crude oils, but also refines harmful impurities, such as, gossypol, protein, lecithin, mucus, water and more. In this way, the edible oils can have better storage, industrial applications and cooking purpose. However, some beneficial substances, such as tocopherol, sterol and more, will be maintained. That is why edible oil needs oil refining process.

250 oil filter

Oil filters are designed specially to fit medium and Small sized spiral type oil press.The machine is particularly being used as a oil purifier in the oil pressing plants for filtering edible or vegetable oils.

350 oil filter

Oil filters are designed specially to fit medium and Small sized spiral type oil press.The machine is particularly being used as a oil purifier in the oil pressing plants for filtering edible or vegetable oils.

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