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Peanut Crusher Machine

1. This peanut crusher machine capacity is 300kg/h, power is 4Kw, weight is 130kg. 2. Reasonable design and compact structure. Our equipment has reliable quality and is well recognized by users. 3. The scope of application is relatively wide. Can process corn, sorghum, wheat, beans and other grains 4. High work efficiency, strong operation continuity and less pollution. 5. The crusher has stable performance, convenient operation and small size. The beans and grains are mainly flattened and broken through wire drawing rollers.

Peanut Shelling Machine

1. The peanut sheller machine capacity is 150kg/h, power is 3kw. And it use copper wire motor. 2. One of the advantages of the machine is that the conveyer part is effective and economical. The peanuts can be conveyed by the machine-made wind directly . 3. All of our peanut shelling machines have reliable quality, excellent performance, high shelling ratio, low cracking ratio, clean sorting, good color and low impurity. 4.peanut shelling machine not only can be used for cooking oil processing, but also can be as the food grade. 5.Peanut sheller can be applied to shelling peanuts/groundnut of different regions and varieties, separate the peanut into seeds and hull completely.