How peanut oil is extracted?

pressing machine

Different oils have different pressing processes. Let’s take the example of peanuts to show you how peanut oil is extracted. We need to first understand the equipment required. It must be equipped with an advanced oil press, an oil filter and a seed frying or shelling machine. The seed frying machine, which is required for cooking and pressing, is optional. A feeder is a must for large oil presses. Both of these equipment work together to make high quality peanut oil.pressing machine

1. Sheller: This sheller’s primary function is to remove the peanut shell. After peeling, peanuts have high yields. This step can be skipped if it’s peanuts. You can squeeze shelled peanuts, but it is slower. Both have the same oil output rate.pressing plant oils

2.Seed frying machine. You must pay attention to how long the seeds are fried. You can judge it by the color of the oil press

3. Feeding and pressing. Place the peanuts in the oil press when they are hot. Automatic feeding can be achieved if the machine is equipped with a oil pressing machine

4. Filter machine.  The peanut oil press extracts the crude oil. Clean oil is available. The filtered oil can be used to cook directly, without causing smoke or silting the pot.oil press line