Edible oil refining and deodorization

the refiner

1. Deodorization principle of edible oil refining.

At present, vacuum deodorization is commonly used. Ready to use steam through corn germ oil. Then the low-boiling malodorous impurities and leaching solvent odors in the oil are removed by a vacuum pump. Since the extracted gas contains water vapor, the water droplets are also separated by the gas-liquid separator and the atmospheric condenser. So as to discharge air and non-condensable gas, so as to achieve the purpose of removing odor.cold pressed oil wholesale


Hydration alkali refining treatment before deodorization can better remove colloids and impurities in crude oil. It creates favorable conditions for the next deodorization process and helps to remove peculiar smells such as residual solvents.flaxseed oil press machine

2.The technological process of edible oil refining.

This process can be used for both alkali refining and hydration and deodorization. Corn oil is first pumped into caustic refining and hydration pots. If alkali refining is required, alkali can be added to the alkali tank. Due to the action of the vacuum pump, a vacuum is generated in the deodorizing pot for vacuum deodorization. The volatilized odor and injected direct water vapor are extracted together with the air and enter the gas-liquid coconut cold pressed oil


The gas-liquid separator is an external cyclone separator, which separates a part of the condensed water and solvent from the gas. Part of the non-condensable gas enters the atmospheric condenser, and a part of the condensable gas is received through the condenser.olive press olive oil


After the incoming cold water is cooled and condensed, it flows into the water sealing pool along the air pressure pipe. The non-condensable gas is pumped from the upper outlet of the condenser to the gas-liquid separator, and the separable water droplets are further separated. Air and non-condensable gases are finally drawn and released by the vacuum pump.small oil expeller machine


The main process of the deodorization pot is that after the oil to be deodorized enters the country. It is heated by a coil heated by indirect steam, and sprayed into direct steam by a steam nozzle. And then through the vacuum effect, the odor and water vapor are removed together. Suck it out to perform the deodorization process.cold pressed coconut oil at home