The current situation of insufficient power of screw press.

The screw oil presse

The screw oil presse is the most popular. Numerous new factories have seen the potential of screw presses, and joined the ranks for production and sales. Some users purchase screw oil presses with insufficient power. Insufficient power can not only cause problems with the machine but also affect its use. chekku coconut oil for hair

The screw-oil press has insufficient power. This is due to frequent machine problems, like jamming. This can lead to production being reduced and the maintenance of equipment and other costs becoming a huge loss. homemade oil extraction machine These machines often have substandard quality. This machine is a screw oil press equipment that lacks power and can also cause serious oil spillages.

If 100kg of oil is used, it will result in 15kg of oil passing, which will equal about 15% loss. cold press oil expeller  It is impossible to underestimate the loss that oil producers can cause. It will result in a significant decrease in output. Equipment components also wear out when there is not enough power. Rapeseed screw oils press bearings will have a certain impact by squeezing. manual hydraulic oil press machine

The new machine’s power is generally lower than the old oil presse. It uses an 11kw motor, compared to the 95 model. peanut oil press  The new model is equipped with a 7.5kw motor. The output has not been reduced. There won’t be a shortage of enthusiasm. The new screw-oil press designs, transforms and manufactures equipment that adapts to social development. cold pressed oil online shopping