The complete production process of sunflower oil.

The production process of sunflower oil is to use sunflower oil processing equipment to produce sunflower oil. The engineers of Benteng Machinery will customize the sunflower oil production plan according to the specific situation of each customer, and equip with the corresponding sunflower oil processing equipment, so that the customer’s investment budget can be reasonably utilized.

Production machine: screening machine – roaster machine – oil press machine – oil filter machine – refining machine

1. Cleaning and screening – removing impurities and improving the purity of sunflower oil.
and efficiency. In addition, cleaning can reduce the damage of sunflower oil processing equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment. sunflower oil extraction process

2. Steam and stir fry – to dry the oilseeds and reduce the moisture.
The equipment used for sunflower seed steaming and frying is a drum roaster, which can adjust the temperature and humidity of sunflower seeds, change the internal structure and state of sunflower seeds, accumulate oil, and improve sunflower seed pressing efficiency. coconut oil processing steps

3. Pressing – extracting oil
The equipment used in the pressing is the oil press, which is durable, good quality and high oil yield. Pentium Machinery can be equipped with one or more oil presses according to customer needs and processing capacity of sunflower seeds. coconut oil factory

4. Filtration – clean oil
Commonly used filter machines include plate and frame oil filter machines, which are cheap, easy to use and have good filtering effect. corn oil extraction

5. Refining – high quality oil
Refining function: degumming, dephosphorization, decolorization, dehydration, deodorization. peanut oil machine