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6YL-95 Palm Kernel Oil Line

The 6YL-95 Palm Kernel Oil Line is a versatile and efficient solution for small-scale palm kernel oil extraction. With its compact design and user-friendly operation, this line is perfect for businesses looking to produce high-quality palm kernel oil. It features advanced technology to ensure optimal oil yield and purity, making it suitable for various industrial applications. Whether used in food, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals, this oil line offers reliability and performance for all your palm kernel oil processing needs.

Diesel Engine Palm Fruit Oil Press Machine

1. This diesel engine palm fruit oil press machine capacity is 500kg/h, power is 10hp. It also has electric motor type. 2.  Compact and strong structure, and easy operation. 3. The automatic control system which can adjust barrel pressure. 4. Low crushing efficiency for palm nut. 5. High oil efficiency, less residual oil in the cake.

Palm Fiber Separator Machine

1. Model: T-1500 Palm Fiber Separator 2. Capacity: 1T/H 3. Power: 2.2KW/380V 4. Weight: 620KG 5. Size: 1500x400x1200(mm)

Palm Fruit Digester Machine

1. Model: gz-1 2. Capacity:1t/h 3.Power:3Kw/380V 4. Weight: 1200kg 5. Function: The palm fruit digester machine plays a crucial role in the palm oil extraction process. It effectively breaks down the palm fruit into a pulp, facilitating the release of oil during pressing. By softening the fruit and breaking down its cell structure, the digester increases oil extraction efficiency and ensures a higher yield of quality oil. This machine is integral to the palm oil production line, contributing significantly to the overall productivity and success of the operation.

Palm Fruit Oil Press Machine

1. Model: PO-250 2. Capacity: 1t/h 3.Power: 11Kw/380V 4. Size:  2100*1350*780(mm) 5. Weight:  800kg 6. Function:The function of the palm fruit oil press machine is to extract oil from palm fruit bunches (FFBs) efficiently and effectively. It accomplishes this through mechanical pressing, which involves applying pressure to the FFBs to rupture the oil-bearing cells and release the oil. The machine features a pressing chamber where the FFBs are fed and subjected to pressure. As the FFBs are pressed, the oil is squeezed out and flows through perforations in the pressing chamber, while the remaining pressed cake, containing residual oil, is discharged separately. The palm fruit oil press machine ensures high-quality crude palm oil (CPO) extraction, contributing to the overall productivity and profitability of palm oil production.

Palm Kernel Dryer Machine

1. Capacity: 300KG/H 2. Power: 2.2KW/380V 3. Weight: 600KG 4. Size: 3800*1000*1450(mm) 5. Function: The primary function of the Palm Kernel Dryer Machine is to reduce the moisture content of palm kernels to the desired level, typically between 7% and 8%, for storage and further processing. By effectively removing excess moisture, the machine ensures the quality, shelf-life, and marketability of palm kernel products, such as palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake. Additionally, the dryer machine helps to prevent mold growth, microbial contamination, and deterioration of palm kernels during storage, transportation, and handling, thereby preserving their nutritional value and commercial value.

Palm Oil Clarifier Machine

Clarification Station Machine Includes:  1. Model: CZ-80 2.Power: 3Kw/380V 3. Heat type:  Hot power 4. Water tank: 1 set 5. Pump: 1 set 6. Pump pipe line: 1 set

Palm Shell Crusher Machine

1. Capacity: 500-800KG/H 2. Power: 2.2KW/380V 3. Weight: 500KG 4. Size: 1000*1100*1200(mm) 5. Function: The primary function of the Palm Shell Crusher Machine is to crush palm kernel shells into smaller particles, which can be used as biomass fuel for power generation, animal bedding, or fertilizer production. By effectively reducing the size of the shells, the machine facilitates the utilization of palm kernel shells as a renewable and sustainable resource, contributing to environmental conservation and resource efficiency.

Palm Shell Kernel Separator Machine

1. Capacity: 5T/H 2. Power: 7KW/380V 3. Weight: 700KG 4. Size: 2500*1660*1600(mm) 5. Function: The primary function of the Palm Shell Kernel Separator Machine is to separate palm kernel shells from the kernels after the cracking process. By effectively removing the shells, the machine ensures that only clean kernels are forwarded to subsequent stages of the palm kernel oil production line, such as crushing, pressing, and extraction. This improves the overall efficiency and quality of the production process, leading to higher yields of premium-grade palm kernel oil.

Palm Threshing Machine

1. Capacity: 1-2t/h 2. Power: 5.5Kw/380V 3. Size: 2900*1100*1500(mm) 4. Weight: 1500kg 5. Function: The palm threshing machine serves a vital function in the palm oil extraction process, specifically in regions like Nigeria where palm oil production is prominent. Its primary role is to separate the palm fruit from the bunches efficiently and effectively. This process is essential for preparing the fruit for further processing, as the fruit needs to be extracted from the bunches before undergoing pressing or milling. The palm threshing machine achieves this by mechanically threshing the bunches, thereby separating the fruit from the stalks and other non-usable parts. This function is critical for maximizing oil yield and ensuring the quality of the extracted palm oil.

Sterilization Tank

1. Capacity: 1 ton/hour 2. Heating type: Boiling Method (water heating) 3. Diameter: 800mm 4. Height: 2000mm 5. Weight: 2ton 6. Function: Its primary function is to sterilize the fresh palm fruit bunches before they undergo further processing. This crucial step helps deactivate enzymes and microbial activity in the palm fruits, thereby preventing the oil from turning rancid and ensuring the production of high-quality palm oil.