The features edible oil refining equipment.

Benteng oil refining equipment

oil refining equipment
The edible oil refining equipment produced by Zhengzhou Bestune Machinery is green and safe. The refined oil is bright, clean, hygienic, safe and reliable. According to customer requirements, it can reach the national first-level and second-level standards.olive oil press near me

The edible oil refining equipment has a complete range of models, is a fully automatic control platform, and is easy to operate. Even people without any experience in the refining and processing of edible oil can easily operate it. In addition, we design and produce edible oil refining equipment for the oil crops required by customers, with different prices, energy consumption and output. It can produce edible oil refining equipment with various types of processing capacity.soybean press

At present, people are more urgently pursuing safe and hygienic edible oil. Therefore, setting up an edible oil refining and processing plant is the most suitable project for the market. Refining oil equipment is divided into large oil refining equipment, medium refining oil equipment, and small refining oil equipment.cold pressed virgin oil

 edible oil refining equipment

Features of Large Refinery Equipment.

Large-scale refining equipment refers to equipment specially used for petroleum smelting and chemical industry production. It mainly includes solid material processing equipment, fluid material processing equipment, special chemical furnaces, heat exchangers and mass transfer equipment.amruth cold pressed oils

Features of medium-sized oil refining equipment.

The medium-sized oil refining equipment can process the crude oil of animals and plants through desolvation, degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deesterification, dewaxing and other refining processes to obtain refined virgin cold pressed coconut oil

Features of small refinery equipment.

Small salad oil equipment is multi-purpose. It can not only produce salad oil, high cooking oil, but also produce primary and secondary oils. At the same time, it can also produce butter, lard, fish oil, duck and other animal oils.manual cold press oil machine

Product Description: Customized according to the customer’s requirements for different conditions such as the type of crude oil and the daily processing volume. Specifications and sizes, the number of refining tanks, and product prices vary.

Product advantages: Through dephosphorization, decolorization, deacidification, deodorization and other processes, the crude oil can reach the national quality standard. After refining, the color of the refined oil is clear, no mucus, no deterioration and no peculiar smell when stored for a long time.