Difference between refined oil and crude oil.

crude oil

Difference between refined oil and crude oil

crude oil

Crude oil contains various impurities, which can easily cause the deterioration of edible oil. If you eat it regularly, it will affect your health. The most important impurities in crude oil are phospholipids. The presence of these impurities not only easily makes the oil hydrolyzed and rancid, and the color is dull.cold pressed canola

And it produces a lot of foam and a black deposit when cooking. And it will also seriously affect the color and flavor of stir-fried and fried foods. At the same time, it will also lose the nutritional value of the oil itself, and it also has certain toxicity.types of cold pressed oils

Oil-soluble impurities: including free fatty acids, pigments, hydrocarbon waxes, aldehydes, ketones, etc. There are also trace metals, as well as organic phosphorus, mercury, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aflatoxin, etc. caused by environmental pollution. The existence of these impurities is very harmful to the human body, and some impurities have carcinogenic effects on the human body.arul wood pressed oil

A large oil refinery machine

Project: Refined Oil
Color: Crystal Clear
Odor: light oily fragrance, no peculiar smell, fishy smell, grass smell, rust smell and other peculiar smell.refined expeller pressed coconut oil
Health: Remove impurities such as pigments, waxes, hydrocarbons, water, etc., not easy to sour, no peculiar smell, and does not affect the color and flavor of food. best cold pressed sunflower oil
Standard: Refining the crude oil, removing the harmful and unhelpful impurities in the crude oil such as eating and storage, and obtaining the refined oil that meets the national quality seed oil press machine