The complete process of sesame pressing.

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In recent years, the trend of cold pressing of sesame has emerged, and sesame is usually extracted three times in Europe. The first time was cold pressing sesame. The oil obtained after filtration is of particularly good quality. It is a high-grade oil and can be eaten immediately. Its color and luster have a fragrant olive oil press machine


The second time is to press the residual part after pressing at high pressure, and the oil obtained is darker in color. Refining is required before use, and the remaining residue is prepared a third time under similar conditions.parachute coconut oil is cold pressed


Therefore, the oil produced by the third pressing is of low oil quality and is not suitable for human use. Generally used in industry, such as soap making. press for oil

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Sesame processing is also difficult, because the sesame grains are small and covered by a very hard skin. The contained kernels are easily broken when ground and produce a large amount of fine powder. This forms a mixed oil with suspension. It is extremely difficult to filter even with large area filters. Because of this, the flaking and steaming stages must be handled with extreme care and the use of suitable processing machinery.cold pressed sesame oil for skin


In the case of prepressing, the sesame seeds are crushed or embryonated after passing through the final cleaning machine. Then steam fry at 110 degrees for 30 minutes. The moisture content of the feed is generally 5% to 7%, and the moisture content of the seeds after steaming and frying is about 3%.oil press machine near me


The processed sesame seeds enter the pre-press to reduce the oil content in the material to 18%~19%. The cake coming out of the screw press is not granulated because it is extremely brittle and easily forms a powder. Instead, it goes directly to the solvent leaching factory, where the residual oil is reduced to 0.6% to 0.7%.gramiyam coconut oil